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Criteria used to admit children to school

Dear Parent/Guardian

Please keep children at home whenever possible. Criteria used to admit children into school.

Thank you all for being so understanding during this crisis.

The latest guidance from the Government states that ‘parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.’

I know from enquiries that many of you would ideally like your child to attend school and I think it’s important to make clear the schools position. Flax Hill is currently at 99% capacity. Lark Hall is currently at 93% capacity.

The criteria we are using is detailed below – please note both schools are currently accepting children in priority order up to point 6 – but this may very well be reduced in the future and that includes children who currently have a place.

1) Any child who is classed as vulnerable (known to Social Services, support from local support team, looked after child).
2) Children who have both parents who are classed as critical workers or single parent families who are classed as critical workers.
3) Children who have one parent who is a critical worker who currently works in any of the roles identified in Health and Social Care (with priority given to front line staff working in hospitals)
4) Children who have one parent who is a critical worker providing Education or Care services (as outlined below)
5) Children who have one parent who works in other emergency services.
6) Children who have one parent who is a critical worker in any of the other roles.
7) Children of Nursery age who do not have any critical worker parents.

I can appreciate the challenge lockdown is causing but ask for everyone’s safety that you keep your child at home whenever possible. The work set online mirrors the work set in school. The less pressure we put on our key worker classes the less chance there is of a bubble closure due to Covid.

If you need to discuss any of the above, please contact either school office to arrange a phone appointment with me.

Yours sincerely

Richard Lane
Head Teacher

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Richard Lane

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