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An update from Mr.Lane - 16.06.2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

Firstly, can I say on behalf of the whole school community how much we have appreciated your support over the past months. This has been an extremely difficult time for the school, trying to deliver a curriculum on and off site. It is your understanding that has made this possible – thank you. Also can I say welcome to all our Year 2 parents and their children who will soon be joining the school.

I thought it was important to say where the school is in our planning for next academic year. It is clear from the classes we currently have running that children are highly flexible and have approached the changes superbly. The frequent washing of hands and one-way systems have become second nature, as have the specialist lessons being delivered remotely. Behaviour has been excellent with the children of all ages responding sensibly to the changes we have made.

I am extremely uncertain what Governmental advice will follow over the next weeks or months – even if we will be open for all children in September. It is clear however, unless advice takes a huge shift away from social distancing, that the school will not feel the same as it did in March 2020 when we closed to most children. I am trying to prepare for several different ways of opening – all involving the use of ‘pods’ to prevent the mixing of children.

It is highly unlikely that the school will be able to offer the wrap around facilities we did and keep the integrity of the pods consistent. If this is causing you real issues, please book an appointment to speak to me about this over the phone. We will do our utmost to get this provision running safely as soon as is possible. Equally after school clubs, school teams and school events will be highly unlikely initially. Certain lessons will be harder to teach in traditional methods and we will concentrate on your child’s well-being, English and Maths with reading being a particular focus. Hopefully, over the next few weeks we will receive more clarity. If this happens then I may be able to tell you the name of your child’s pod and the potential teachers they may have before we break up. Flexibility is vital and any of the above could change depending on Governmental advice. I have bulleted the main points that have changed this term to allow for the safe reopening with on the reverse of this letter. A great many of these may stay in place for the first term at least.

The highlight of my 31 years in Education has been working with children and seeing the amazing progress they can make. It is clear this is still possible within a routine that requires far more handwashing and social distancing. I look forward to the day when the school can be full again with self-contained pods keeping your children as safe as is possible.

Yours Sincerely

Richard Lane

Executive Headteacher


 Please note this only lists what is currently happening – any of the below may change

  • The school is shut Wednesday afternoon from 12.15 to allow for a deep clean and to provide teachers with PPA.
  • Any contact with the school is encouraged to be by phone or email.
  • No mobile phones are allowed in school.
  • Children are not in the same class they were in March.
  • Wrap around, both breakfast and after school, has stopped.
  • School dinners are a packed lunch – no hot meals are cooked.
  • Teachers are available by email and the phone.
  • Children only bring a coat, lunch bag and drink – all stationery is provided.
  • A one-way system exists both for drop off and pick up.
  • Handwashing has become an integral part of the day.
  • Children have contact with only 2 or three adults.

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