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At Flax Hill Junior Academy, we are passionate about being an inclusive school that values each child’s individual needs. We believe that building good relationships with our young people and their families is essential and that by working together, we can achieve the best outcomes possible for our children. Outside agencies also provide vital support for our SEND pupils; Flax Hill Junior Academy has enjoyed close working relationships with a wide range of outside agencies for many years. This helps us to ensure that we can access the correct support for our pupils quickly and effectively. Our children are fully involved in their own target setting and review process; their wishes, thoughts and feelings are highly valued and respected. We strive to include parents and carers in all aspects of their child’s school life and hold regular review meetings between staff and parents. Following these meetings, appropriate targeted support is put in place and closely monitored. 

Our pupil’s well-being and self-esteem are of paramount importance to us.  Our new sensory room, The Den, offers a calm, relaxing and safe space where our pupils can express themselves. Flax Hill Junior Academy is very much a community and as such we believe it is essential for all of our children to understand and respect the broad spectrum of needs reflected here. Through assemblies, PSHE lessons and visits from guests, our students and staff are educated about different needs and categories of SEND. Our lessons, learning experiences and school trips are carefully planned to ensure that every child feels that they are included and able to contribute.

At Flax Hill Junior Academy, our three rules are Ready, Respectful, Safe. These rules are at the core of everything we do but they are also our aspirations for our young people. By working closely with our families, young people and outside agencies, we believe that every one of our SEND children should be empowered to feel that: they are ready for the challenges and successes of each day;  their ideas and achievements are respected by those around them; and they are completely safe to explore the world around them.


School SENDO's - Emma Coleman & Katie Wellings

SEN Information Report

CAMHS - Responding to Children's Emotional Wellbeing Following Lockdown