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Sports and PE Funding

Physical Education develops a child’s knowledge, skill and understanding, enabling them to perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. Our intent at Flax Hill Junior Academy is to provide children with a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, so that they can make informed choices about physical activities throughout their lives. Sports Premium is used to fund additional and sustainable improvements; it is reviewed continuously to offer the best opportunities to children at Flax Hill.  We strive to provide children with a vast range of sporting opportunities through: lessons, after school clubs and intra and inter-school competitions.  At Flax Hill, we endeavour to find sports inclusive to all and create a love of physical education for life.

At Flax Hill, we are proud of our successes in sport. Entering a range of events across Tamworth and Staffordshire, gives children opportunities to reach their full potential. Since 2015, each year, Flax Hill has represented Tamworth at the Staffordshire School Games in a variety of sports. As well as this, through providing swimming lessons to Year 4 and Year 6, we compete in the Tamworth Swimming Gala annually. We are committed to providing competitive events for children to take part in; however, we fully understand that this is not what all children desire. At Flax Hill, we participate in and run a range of non-competitive events with rewards for all. Finding a sport or activity children love is our aspiration at Flax Hill. By doing this, it will make children ready for a physically active lifestyle when they come to leave whilst encouraging and teaching respect for others within in a safe environment.

​Sports Funding